Swimming Pool Services: Cleaning, Repair, and Renovation

I was thrilled with ASP’s service in closing our 36,000 gallon in ground pool. Last year we used a different company.  The other company charged us more and did far less. They didn’t replace missing cover pegs nor did they offer to patch our cover. ASP lowered the pool water level, added the appropriate chemicals, blew out the pipes, fixed/removed a few broken cover pegs and patched two small tears in our cover.  The service was done quickly and in a friendly manner. Thank you ASP! –T.H.

ASP of Charlotte offers flat rate pricing for maintenance, service, and repairs!

Residential and Commercial Swimming Pool Services Include:

  • One-time or regular pool cleaning and maintenance with our experienced, friendly technicians and affordable options (chemicals always included).
  • Charlotte swimming pool service and repair with expert diagnostics and our knowledgeable service team.
  • Charlotte complete pool remodeling and pool deck remodeling, customized to your needs and budget.
  • Charlotte pool lift and handrail installation

Interested in energy-efficient products? We have a wide range of energy-efficient equipment available. Check out Pentair’s Savings Calculators to help you estimate your pool volume, water salinity, and even your energy savings by switching to Pentair pumps, heaters, or LED lights and lamps.

Major pool supplies and equipment are available at ASP of Charlotte.  Besides routine, regular pool maintenance and cleaning, ASP of Charlotte is available to perform other types of pool tasks, including, but not limited to pool renovations, pool removal, and pool equipment installation and repair.  ASP’s certified, licensed, and insured staff has attained exceptional levels of customer loyalty through outstanding service that is second to none, rather than through the use of extended long-term contracts.

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